Woodworking Machine


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– suitable for DIY use

– 65 sets for 1×20′ container, save cost a lot for customers, it is much more cost effective than MQ393AI.

– especially popular in Sri Lanka Market


Maximum planing width: 300mm
Maximum planing depth 3mm
Scale of thickness of press-planing 6~120mm
Minimum length of press-planing 150mm
Maximum sawing thickness 85mm

Maximum rabbeting depth

Maximum drilling diameter 13mm
Maximum drilling depth 60×2=120mm
Maximum width of square mortise 16mm
Max. crosscutting width 360mm
Rotation speed of planer tool spindle 3500r/min
Motor power 2.2kW(220V 50Hz; 380V 50Hz)
Feeding speed 6.5m/min
Packing dimensions 136×80×57cm
Net weight 260k

In stock




LIDA brand multi-function woodworking machines for sale MQ393AI/300mm multi-use machine for woodworking

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